For customers

We appreciate that each project is unique, and therefore we're always ready to adapt to your specific needs. The typical flow for most projects looks like this:

  • 01Technical
  • 02Prototyping&Design
  • 03Implementation
    making the designs "breathe"
  • 04Launching your Product
#1 Technical Specification

In order to create a viable solution, we have to understand what's behind your business processes, as well as what you expect to be delivered. If you have something documented already - great! If not - don't worry, simply jot down the key points and we'll transform that into software requirements.

The goal of creating a requirements document is for us to be on the same page about the future capabilities of the system. It doesn't only help form a general vision, it also helps us evaluate the amount of work involved: how much it costs to build the system and how long it takes to ship the project.

#2 Prototyping&Design

There are 4 steps to go through:

  • Creative Prototyping

    Simply put, we create wireframes of the whole project at this step. This helps us understand what the system would look like in the future, where the elements will be placed and whether all of the components work together nicely. Creating a prototype of the system will help the developers be on the same page with all of your requirements from the very beginning.

  • Creating a Design Concept

    At this point, we're ready to define the visual concept which we'll showcase on your future homepage. Colours, fonts, the general look and feel and the styling of each individual component (e.g. buttons with rounded or squared corners) - are all parts of the UI concept.

  • Designing key templates

    Once the visual concept gets approved, all the key templates get designed up. Key templates are pages or sections of the website that require unique designs.

  • Developing HTML-layouts of all the templates

    The final step would be turning all the designed up pictures into actual html-code.

#3 Integrating all the designed up HTML-layouts into the server logic.

We usually do all the required behind the scenes preparations while creating the designs. Right after the visual concept gets approved, all the templates get designed up and turned into html code, we're ready to start merging it with the database and logic that are located on the server.

#4 Project Launch

Once we get your approval of the project being fully done according to the technical specification, we'll be ready to accept the final invoice.

We will deploy the website to the chosen hosting provider and send over all the necessary files ( the source code, designs, the html-templates, your logo etc.) right after the payment process.

The final step is preparing the website for being hosted on a real working server. You should also remember that any website is a living organism in an of itself. It is as much of a business tool as a real offline store would be. Any website will always require being supported and improved. And we're always here to help you with that!

Tech support is being discussed individually.


In our experience, the most optimal payment process is the following:

30% — 30% — 40%

30% — prepayment
30% — after the prototyping&design stage which acts as a conditional midpoint of the project development cycle.
40% — after the project is signed-off.

Thus, you always know what you're paying for: you are always able to review what we deliver and approve it. At the same time, we're also making sure we'll be doing fine in edge-case situations.

Frequently asked questions

What is your main goal?

Our expertise is full-cycle website development: from just an idea up to a working solution. We also love design: UI design, UX Wireframing, Logo&Branding. We also do dedicated support of your digital projects.

When we encounter new challenges, we're always trying to find the most optimal solution that would deliver the most value and therefore great results.

Why do I need a website?

Your website will become another marketing channel: it will be representing your brand, services or goods online, 24/7, any day of the year. The modern man doesn't always have time to come by your office, or even make a call, and that's exactly where a website could come in handy! Anyone interested will now have the option to quickly&easily learn more about you, at any given point of time.

Sadly, it is often a case of many entrepreneurs choosing inexperienced development houses who are simply unable to deliver high-quality solutions that generate value rather than burn resources. Our mission is making your new tool work for you and letting it grow your business.

What if something stops working, who is going to fix that?

Each project a has 1 month warranty as a part of the contract. If something stopped working a while after 1 month and that's our fault - we'll fix it. As simple as that.

This doesn't apply to everything, though: the addition of new features, changes in logic and 3d-party API integrations is not part of the terms mentioned above. For example, Facebook really likes to change the API from time to time which might cause the “sign in via Facebook” authorization to simply stop working. If that's the case, we're happy to help, and that should be discussed independently.

Nevertheless, we are always looking forward to a long term partnership with each individual client, and we're always happy to help even when the project had been launched.

We also offer technical support-only services.


Contact lenses online store

A few words about who those guys from the “Terracotta Studio” are and what they do…

I want to start by saying that we are absolutely happy with what we get delivered and everything is going great. Don't expect this review to be a 100% positive praise though, as we're “doing business” with those guys, and that's not always as easy as it seems.

We are a young, but very ambitious web-project, and therefore we're in the constant process of change and evolution. Our headquarters is located in Kiev. To be even more precise, we're running a specialized online-shop dedicated to eyesight-goods only: contact lenses, glasses etc. We celebrated our 5th anniversary in May, 2018. We've been working with these guys since the very first days of the project, over a year of preparation and 5 years of production, from idea to launch. We're really proud of our website, especially after the recent design updates - Why so? 'Cause it's really high-tech (they've integrated our ERP-system into the DB which speeds up the whole process), usability is at its point for our users, and most importantly, it generates very decent revenue. And all of that has been developed by “Terracotta-Studio” from A to Z.

And a few words about the minor downsides that we noticed while working together. If you plan on working with those guys, make sure you're ready to accept their working hours. They are usually online when everyone is sleeping already. The other “relatively imperfect” aspect is about their phones always being in silent mode, so quickly dialing them up and making a few decisions might not always be possible. Their communication is usually built around messaging (may that be e-mails or a messaging app by choice). Thus, if you prefer sleeping at night, approving certain minor things that could be approved later might take up quite some time. Last but not least - they don't just do what you tell them to. They always have their own opinion and a few reasons why they think you should go down a different route. And that's what makes them special!

Nevertheless, despite all of the inconveniences mentioned above, if you have already started working with them, if you've already got used to their “style”, you will become a happy customer guaranteed. We believe that being live and generating revenue is key for any website, everything else is not as relevant. And this is exactly what the guys know best!

Keep up the great work, Terracotta-Studio!

Online supplement store
Olimp Food

We are grateful to Terracotta Studio for developing our brand-website:

It has been really satisfying to see quick responses and a great technical expertise from your side during the whole development cycle.

We expect to continue working with you in the near future.

We wish you new achievements and finiancial prosperity!

Real estate agency website
Alaska Development

Yep, these guys know what they're doing!

Great thanks for the quality work you've done. And special thanks for all the patience you had at each stage of the development. I will put it straight: our requirements had been changing constantly which solely depends on our business and the constantly changing trends on the market. Considering all of the complexity, they didn't quit and treated us with the appropriate understanding and empathy. What remains is simple: everything we wanted, all of the requirements have succesfully been implemented on the website.

By the way, this could be a big advantage for those who are great entrepreneurs and love what they're doing, but have no idea about how all of those internet-things work. Not everyone is an internet-guru.

I'm saying this because they were able to not onlyl define our real needs (special thanks to Alexey Vishtak), but also transform those into real development tasks and end up with an INDIVIDUAL, HIGH-QUALITY and READY TO LAUNCH PRODUCT instead of our emotional desires. And that's not all.

Promotion, service support and further development became a logical part of our cooperation. Keep it up!

P.S. I can't even imagine someone else developing our website.

Cycling e-commerce website & online store
Arina Cykler

We would like to say thank you to Terracotta Studio for the excellent design of our website. We have ordered the design without seeing the full picture of our product, but professional approach, experience and great understanding of the concept resulted in the great product, which we are very proud of.

We know how hard it is to be recognized in the Web world and how difficult it is to create something really noticeable there, so we think that Terracotta has an unique balance between creativity and usability which makes them a great choice when you want to beat your competitors with perfection.

Last but not least, we would say that the result was delivered as a set of PSD, CSS, HTML, JS and image files. Everything was nicely organized and it was a pleasure for our developer to implement the server part using so clear and easy-to-read sources.

Software company

We would like to thank Terracotta Studio for their creative and multifaceted approach during the development process.

We would like to highlight their team's expertise, responsiveness, deep analysis and great understanding of our requirements from the inside.

A high level of communication and great results surely help form long-term partnership relations.

Bathrobes online store

It's the second time working with Terracotta Studio for us. Great results always delivered on time and an adequate response to each individual additions and suggestions were always in place. They don't only know how the coding well, but will also recommend the best solutions in terms of SEO. We're happy with everything and will keep contacting them in the future.

Online supplement store
Iron Argument

Terracotta Studios faced the following challenge: developing a new version of our online-store - (design, development i.e. developing everything from scratch without involving 3d-parties)

You can take a look at the results yourself - it's simply one of the best (design- and functional wise) online-stores for sports nutrition in Russia. We came to cooperating with Terracotta after unsuccessful attempts of working with freelancers, who promise doing everything cheaper. It turned out to be a loss of time, money and revenue.

Such a result wouldn't be possible without a reasonable and responsible approach from the development house. A real challenge (and believe me, it is) for both parties, quite a complex task (no “copying what others have” or “do the same but with nicer designs” etc.), and as a result - lots of unique, innovative solutions that made our website be something the whole “Iron Argument” company is proud of.

We've been working with Terracotta Studio over a year now, and we were fully able to estimate their level of technical expertise and support by participating in the growth of what they've built. It's a crucial indicator when choosing your development partner. All the issues were solved on the fly, Terracotta's specialists were available all the time and were ready to help with any questions related to the service itself. We would also like to pay tribute to their financial relationship with us - no unexpected expenses or out of this world prices for improvements - everything was precise and fair.

We are still in touch with their chief - Alexey Vishtak, and we're planning upgrades on our online-store's features, adding new functions and solutions exclusively with Terracotta Studio.

Gas powered tools online store

Terracotta Studio” was a real discovery for us. Great work and interest in the results. We really liked their on-time delivery and active contribution. They have project managers which makes the whole development process and reporting a lot easier. Their tech expertise and all of the advantages mentioned above are valid reasons for keeping cooperation on a constant basis.

Procurement marketplace

By writing this review, we confirm that “Terracotta Studio” have proved themselves as a reliable partner for developing large projects. Studio representatives pay a lot of attention to all of our requirements, while at the same time suggesting professional solutions based on their development experience. All negotiations are built on constructive discussions by introducing the appropriate experts to the problems of the project.

The main benefit is developing both the visual and technical architecture of the whole project in one place which not only makes the cooperation between designers and developers cheaper and easier, but also lets you make specific decisions on the prototyping stage already.

We can surely recommend “Terracotta Studio” for developing large and complex projects. We also hope for future cooperation.

Online supplement store

I would like to thank “Terracotta Studio” for the idea and development of our online-store Fitness24.Ru

I would like to note their outstanding professional approach which resulted in developing the project at a high pace. Thank you for the great amount of ideas and advices. They helped a lot in developing a high-quality online-shop. The team is really interested in creating working solutions.

t's also cool to see that they have their own opinion on various things. Some ideas might seem simple, but they're complex - creating the designs, developing world-class solutions. And that's what they're the best at.

I'm delighted to keep working with “Terracotta Studio” by letting them manage all of the website's technical support.

Scale models online store

We would like to thank “Terracotta Studio” for doing an excellent job of redesigning our online-store. They've dramatically improved currently existing functions both for our clients and administrators.

A great development speed from the team, understanding the requirements and priorities, strict deadlines and reasonable pricing have assured us in further cooperation.

Интернет-магазин подарков

“Needforgift” LTD is expressing gratitude to “Terracotta Studio” for professional high-quality development services they have provided during the whole development cycle of our online gift-store. They took full responsibility of the whole project: from branding to changing the server-logic according to our company-specific needs.

We would also like to point out their personalised approach and creativity to solving our problems.

We will keep cooperating with the “Terracotta Studios” team in terms of further development and support of our project.