To develop a corporate identity, promo materials and usable online supplement store "Iron Argument"



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Client review

Terracotta Studios faced the following challenge: developing a new version of our online-store - http://ironargument.ru (design, development i.e. developing everything from scratch without involving 3d-parties).

You can take a look at the results yourself - it`s simply one of the best (design- and functional wise) online-stores for sports nutrition in Russia. We came to cooperating with Terracotta after unsuccessful attempts of working with freelancers, who promise doing everything cheaper. It turned out to be a loss of time, money and revenue.

Such a result wouldn`t be possible without a reasonable and responsible approach from the development house. A real challenge (and believe me, it is) for both parties, quite a complex task (no ‘copying what others have’ or ‘do the same but with nicer designs’ etc.), and as a result - lots of unique, innovative solutions that made our website be something the whole “Iron Argument’ company is proud of.

We`ve been working with Terracotta Studio over a year now, and we were fully able to estimate their level of technical expertise and support by participating in the growth of what they`ve built. It`s a crucial indicator when choosing your development partner. All the issues were solved on the fly, Terracotta`s specialists were available all the time and were ready to help with any questions related to the service itself. We would also like to pay tribute to their financial relationship with us - no unexpected expenses or out of this world prices for improvements - everything was precise and fair.

We are still in touch with their chief - Alexey Vishtak, and we`re planning upgrades on our online-store`s features, adding new functions and solutions exclusively with Terracotta Studio.