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A few words about who those guys from the «Terracotta Studio» are and what they do...

A few words about who those guys from the «Terracotta Studio» are and what they do... I want to start by saying that we are absolutely happy with what we get delivered and everything is going great. Don`t expect this review to be a 100% positive praise though, as we`re ‘doing business’ with those guys, and that`s not always as easy as it seems.

We are a young, but very ambitious web-project, and therefore we`re in the constant process of change and evolution. Our headquarters is located in Kiev. To be even more precise, we`re running a specialized online-shop dedicated to eyesight-goods only: contact lenses, glasses etc. We celebrated our 5th anniversary in May, 2018. We`ve been working with these guys since the very first days of the project, over a year of preparation and 5 years of production, from idea to launch. We`re really proud of our website, especially after the recent design updates — www.mkl.ua Why so? `Cause it`s really high-tech (they`ve integrated our ERP-system into the DB which speeds up the whole process), usability is at its point for our users, and most importantly, it generates very decent revenue. And all of that has been developed by «Terracotta-Studio» from A to Z.

And a few words about the minor downsides that we noticed while working together. If you plan on working with those guys, make sure you`re ready to accept their working hours. They are usually online when everyone is sleeping already. The other ‘relatively imperfect’ aspect is about their phones always being in silent mode, so quickly dialing them up and making a few decisions might not always be possible. Their communication is usually built around messaging (may that be e-mails or a messaging app by choice). Thus, if you prefer sleeping at night, approving certain minor things that could be approved later might take up quite some time. Last but not least — they don`t just do what you tell them to. They always have their own opinion and a few reasons why they think you should go down a different route. And that`s what makes them special!

Nevertheless, despite all of the inconveniences mentioned above, if you have already started working with them, if you`ve already got used to their ‘style’, you will become a happy customer guaranteed. We believe that being live and generating revenue is key for any website, everything else is not as relevant. And this is exactly what the guys know best!

Keep up the great work, Terracotta-Studio!